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My New Camera

So my new Canon 5d mkII arrived at my Dads house today and here are the first batch of photos and a quick video that I created. This camera is amazing and I still have not even shifted out of auto....



This is Julieana my brother Jeremy's daughter.



This is Amen Jeremy's son.




David, Jeremy's youngest, explaining to his granddad that

he hit his lip on the high chair. (Taken by Jeremy)



Who needs toys when you have dishes!



Siblings love to share, and play on pbskids.com




Jeremy prepared a sign for his wife's sale, really he just wanted to

play with the squareup card swiper that he purchased.   




Jullieanna asked me to take a photo of her jumping. 




David did not need a "Flavor Savor" to save some dinner for later. 




My sister and law Crystal (left) and Sarah Stine (right) Setting up

to sell there goods at the NoDa Gallery Crawl




I thought this was a bar. Later I learned its a vintage clothing store. 




Sunsets always inspire me to get artsy. 




North Carolina is full of interesting buildings. 




Apparently putting furniture outside your business is just as fun

as putting it in the front yard of your home. Keep it classy NC.




Live music is a great way to spend an evening.




The carolinas are most defiantly, still Marlboro country. 




 The 5D's ability to shoot at high ISO has not disappointed. 


So a great day spent with my family, playing with the new camera. I have to say this camera is amazing. I am very pleased with its capabilities.

Reader Comments (2)

very cool stuff.....

September 4, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterken

Great shots here. I always love train track pictures. The ones of the store fronts are nice and colorful. My favorite are the beautiful blue eyes of your niece and nephews. :D

September 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDawn

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