A night with Wizard

10-28-10 - Steel Train @ The Music Box Hollywood




Music Box Dressing Rooms



Music Box Green Room


the schedule for the evening



Daniel Hodges A.K.A. "wizard" and steel train front man Jack Antonoff



Lighting the way to the green room.



 Pre Show, I wander around trying to be creative. 



Jacks guitar, at the ready.



before the show starts the wizard scouts the venue



Jack waits for the show to start.



Daniel checks to see how the sound is in the balcony



We find the roof and enjoy the view of Hollywood Blvd.



the sellout crowd gathers



the stairwell to the balcony



setting up after Jarrod performs



wiring up Jack's peddle board



tuning Jack's guitar



Daniel checks each of Jack's peddles to ensure they are working properly



Jamey of and Steel Trains tour manager checks Daniel Silbert's peddle board



Daniel Silbert instructs Jamey how he likes his amp set



Danny gives Jack one final note



Daniel loads the show file



maybe this is why they call him "wizard"?



the Music Box FOH sound rig, Avid SC48 + outboard rack






left to right, Daniel Silbert, Evan Winiker & Jack Antonoff.





 Justin Huey – vocals, piano, wurlitzer






Daniel continues to tweak his mix







Jon Shiffman plays as Jamey waits ready to leap into action at the first sign of trouble










Steel Train is currently touring with a band called fun



Daniel resets the stage and re-checks Jacks guitar



even the smallest details are important for a successful show



line Checking Emily Moore's keys






checking Emily Moore's vocal microphone. 





 fun plays




watching fun's set from the balcony of the music box




another night is almost done, Daniel texts his girlfriend and waits for the load out


This was only the second steel train show that I have been to but is was a good one.  



Vacation/New Camera Part 2

So the rest of my vacation was spent with my family. This of course includes the new member of my geek bag, the new canon SLR. 

So here are a selection of photos from the rest of my trip and time with the newest of my gadgets.


Friday we spent time at freedom park in Charlotte were Alison decided to give

David some fashion tips. 



Brother moment. Had I been sitting there I am sure I would have assumed the same position. 



David Hodges.



Amen and Danny sharing a moment. 



Amen showing his stuff. (photo by Jeremy Hodges)



Amen proves pink is a manly color, if its on an ATV!



When not on tour Daniel mixes sound at Nexus church while dad preps the video content.





Sunday Afternoon I went for a photo walk around Charlotte. 



This is as clear as the signage around NC gets. 


Now that I have had the camera a couple of days I am shooting full manual, sometimes.



The city presents some interesting combinations of architecture. 



I'm still trying to understand how this city can be large, and yet small at the same time. 



This is the performing arts center as well as the bank of america building.

Im really happy with my 18mm lens and the fact that I can get the entire building on one shot.



Here I go trying to be artistic again. 


On memorial day we headed to Boon NC to picknick with Nikki and her kids. 



Gaves, my sister Nikki's youngest  is cooler than most 2 year olds.

At two, I don't think he remembers me much from this past christmas.



Liliana on the other hand knows that uncle Randy can be fun. Well, when he wants to be anyway. 




This is a face I am sure I made her mom make, many times. 



Graves just wanted to eat, why wait for his cousins when he is hungry now!



Don't tell anyone, but I think Niki still like to spin in circles.

Ok, to be fair she might claim that's all she does all day with the kids and her job etc..




Liliana successfully hides from my auto focus. 



Liliana continued to evade the autofocus. I think would could create an add for Trader Joe's however. 




Someday I hope I can remember how to get back to this lovely spot that we had lunch at.



 Liliana discovers that chips are waiting for her. Of course in that moment they become her favorite. 




I was attacked. That my story and I'm stickin to it. (photo by Jeremy Hodges)



Regardless of what is going on the kids just want to play in the dirt.  (Photo by Jeremy Hodges)



What are you looking at?



After lunch we all went on a short hike. 



Hmmm, I think I like being your cousin, says Liliana.



We hiked as far as David's stroller would make it. It turns out this is right next to a beaver damn.



Crystal became the pied piper on the return journey. 



Tuesday we headed to Queens Landing.



Dad took Daniel, Alison and myself on a dinner cruise on Lake Norman.



Ahhh, even a power plant can be attractive, in the right light. 


Put a camera in my hands and even on vacation I will hang off the side of a boat to get the shot. 




Sunset on Lake Norman.



Once again I try to be artsy. 



A bit of romance on the lake. 



The view from my bed, well couch. 



Friday was spent roasting and delivering coffee at Bald Guy Brew world "head"quarters.



I am editing the footage we shot here, but if you can't wait for fair trade coffee, check it out.



My New Camera

So my new Canon 5d mkII arrived at my Dads house today and here are the first batch of photos and a quick video that I created. This camera is amazing and I still have not even shifted out of auto....



This is Julieana my brother Jeremy's daughter.



This is Amen Jeremy's son.




David, Jeremy's youngest, explaining to his granddad that

he hit his lip on the high chair. (Taken by Jeremy)



Who needs toys when you have dishes!



Siblings love to share, and play on




Jeremy prepared a sign for his wife's sale, really he just wanted to

play with the squareup card swiper that he purchased.   




Jullieanna asked me to take a photo of her jumping. 




David did not need a "Flavor Savor" to save some dinner for later. 




My sister and law Crystal (left) and Sarah Stine (right) Setting up

to sell there goods at the NoDa Gallery Crawl




I thought this was a bar. Later I learned its a vintage clothing store. 




Sunsets always inspire me to get artsy. 




North Carolina is full of interesting buildings. 




Apparently putting furniture outside your business is just as fun

as putting it in the front yard of your home. Keep it classy NC.




Live music is a great way to spend an evening.




The carolinas are most defiantly, still Marlboro country. 




 The 5D's ability to shoot at high ISO has not disappointed. 


So a great day spent with my family, playing with the new camera. I have to say this camera is amazing. I am very pleased with its capabilities.



I know you believe you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.

 A note from the Department of Redundancy Department.



Is like buying oats. If you want nice, clean, freash oats, you must pay a fair price. However, if you can be satisfied with oats that have already been through the horse... that comes a little cheaper!