What is a gaffer?




Feature Film – “True Men” Bristol Street Entertainment

Commercial – The United Way “Windows of Opportunity” 

Commercial – Corinthian Colleges 

Commercial - VW  "Raindrops" Spec

Commercial - VW  "Is this it?" Spec

Commercial – 2001 ISU Figure Skating Championship promo ABC

Commercial – “Hooked on School Success”

Commercial - 15 Bristol Farms Spots (Grocery Store)

Commercial - “1-800-wedding

Broadcast - Spike TV Live from Madden 2009 game relese.

Broadcast – History Channel show on Pirates

Broadcast - CBS 48 Hour mysterys "Black Wave"

E.P.K. – “24” Kiefer Sutherland DVD Release Elements

Short Film - “60 bucks”

Short Film - “Cat on the Hotel”

Music Video - “Immortal Kindred”

Museum Video - History channel for the Smithsonian Deep Sea Exploration LA interviews

DVD - Kenwood Sovereign Home Audio

Sales Training Video's - Kenwood Excelon Car Audio

Trade Show Attract Screens - Kenwood CES Booth

Trade Show Booth Elements - Lexus

Infomercial - “School of Automotive Management”

Infomercial - “Hooked on School Success”

Corporate Identity - Laser Light

TV Show - Totalmenta Informa 2nd Unit ESPN Int.

Corp Video – Loma Linda University Medical Center, Proton Treatment Center

Corp Video – Focus 360 Green Screen Elements

Corp Video – The buddy Group Green Screen Elements

Corp Videos - Sage Software

Corp Video – Isuzu

Corp Video - Nissan

Corp Video – Verizon Wireless

Corp Video - Toshiba

Home Video Series - Cambridge Credit Counseling

Home Video – Target’s “Supper Soccer Skills”

Home Video - Kurt Carr and the Curt Car Singers