TV Special – “The DTV transition” Retirement living Channel

TV Shows - Kevin Trudeau natural cures National infomercials

DVD – Mike Sigel’s Perfect Pool instructional Series (3 DVDs)

TV Show – “Center Court” The Tennis Channel

TV Special – Tennis Channel Rally for Relief

TV Show – ABC “A tribute to the Bob Hope Desert Classic”

Pilot – The Barefoot Artist

Corporate Video - Jesus Film Project, various Interview and B-Roll

Corporate Video - Open Doors, various Interview and Reenactments

Fund Raiser Video - GGCC (Kenya)

TV Show - Harvest Monday Night LIVE!

TV Special - Harvest Crusades

TV Shows - CityTV Lakewood

TV Specials - Channel 3 Garden Grove

Live Event Taping - Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa

Live Event Taping - Somebody Loves You Crusades


I am dedicated to getting the shot as you can see in this video...


My Camera Work